AAU Sports has provided top tier athletic competition for over 100 years.  Producing more Division-1 athletes than any program in the world.  Oklahoma AAU Football continues the brand by offering prospective athletes more than recreational leagues.  AAU Football provides highly competitive gameplay against athletes from all over the country.  Featuring both Regional and National Championships, games in College and NFL stadiums, and International play against Mexico, Canada, and more.  No other league provides a more diverse, and competitive schedule than Oklahoma AAU.  

Certified Coaches


AAU Football requires every coach, assistant, and volunteer to undergo thorough background checks.  All AAU Coaches are certified by the Positive Alliance Coalition and USA Football.  Our coaches are taught the 'dual coaching' standard, where football experiences are used as a bridge to teach life lessons.  

Head Coaches are all former college or professional football players with a combined 50+ years of experience. 

Insurance = Assurance


Safety is everything.

AAU Football is committed to maintaining a safe, yet, competitive atmosphere for every participant. 

Upon complete registration, each AAU athlete is entered in our multi-million dollar insurance program.  Ensuring coverage at both games and practices.  Each player and athlete are thoroughly taught the safest way to engage competition.  

How it works:

The road begins...

The road begins with try-outs!  

Each team only has 24 slots available.  So performance is key!  Athletes get try out invites one of three ways:

1: Sign up for a combine online

2: Recruiter referral

3: Request to try out

If selected, coaches will give out team information to begin practices, media days, etc.

Pre-season prep

Training is mandatory.  Starters are selected based on practice performance.  

OTC's (Official Training Camps) are held during regular/recreational seasons (August through October)- only on weekends.  

Official practices begin late October.

Elite Season

Games begin early November featuring teams from all over the country.  

Games are generally every weekend through out November with the exception of thanksgiving weekend.  During tournaments, teams will play 2-4 games over 2 days.  During regional competition. teams will only play one game.  Practices during these times are held during the week.


Coach Eric Molina — Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Pirates


"These boys carry the torch for Oklahoma Football.  We rarely see teams from Oklahoma, but we never see teams from Oklahoma with this level of talent."

Coach T. Harrison - San Marcos, TX - Texas Extreme


"Well rounded team with some dynamic athletes.  Always good compeition."

Michael Walker - Little Rock, Ark


"Never heard of Oklahoma on the national level until last year against the Warriors.  These boys are hard to beat.  Well disciplined group.  "  

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We are a village.  Most of our coaches and staff are volunteers. We are always interested in building. If you're interested in coaching, volunteering , or just want to be involved.  Contact us today!  


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