How it works?

AAU Sports has produced more Division I athletes than any other organization in the country.  The AAU Coaches are the vehicle behind that historic movement.  We do all we can to ensure our coaches only have to focus on coaching the team.  

Oklahoma AAU offers the most competitive schedule in the state, alongside complete turn-key services.  Our staff takes care of everything.  

Submitting rosters to tournament directors, 

Entering national tournaments, 

Insurance paperwork, 

Lodging, travel, and Athlete Registration.  

We take care of it all.  Coaches take comfort in the fact that their focus is strictly on the team, and the game.  

Organizations are also welcome! 

Organizational setup is simple!  Allowing organizations the freedom to set up their own processes.  AAU provide the recruitment, schedules, and takes a "case-by-case" stance to every organization's needs.  

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All coaches and volunteers must undergo background check and certification by Positive Alliance Association.  Certification takes 5 minutes, and results are back within 48 hours.

1 year coaching registration = $16

Please call 918-408-5573 for more info.